Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

At AlexaCourses.com, we prioritize the protection of visitor privacy. This document serves as our privacy policy, explaining the information collected by AlexaCourses.com and its usage.

Advertisements displayed on AlexaCourses.com may be provided by third-party services. When you visit our website, these third-party companies may collect information about your visits (excluding personal details such as name, address, email, or phone number) to customize advertisements based on your interests using correlation definitions.

Google Ads is utilized by AlexaCourses.com, and Google uses cookies to display ads on our site. The DART cookie enables Google to serve ads “based on interests,” taking into account users’ browsing history. Visitors have the option to opt out of DART cookie usage by visiting Google’s ad and content network privacy policy.

Log Files:
Similar to other web servers, AlexaCourses.com employs a log file system that includes Internet Protocol addresses, browser types, Internet Service Providers, date/time, and click numbers for trend analysis. The collected information is used for analytical purposes, specifically to enhance the quality of Google ads. All collected data is kept confidential and solely used for the development and improvement of our website.

Cookies and Network Settings:
Google uses cookie technology to store information about visitors’ interests and maintains a user record with specific details regarding accessed pages. This helps us understand visitor preferences and provide relevant content. Some third-party advertising companies, such as Google AdSense, may access cookies and network settings to improve ad quality and measure effectiveness.

As third parties, these advertising companies utilize technical means (such as cookies, network settings, and JavaScript codes) to develop ad content and assess effectiveness. Even with user consent, AlexaCourses.com cannot access or control these files, and we disclaim any responsibility for their unauthorized use.

For detailed information, please refer to the privacy policy of third parties, such as Google AdSense or advertising network servers. To review Google AdSense’s privacy policy, click here.

This agreement provides instructions on disabling cookies through browser options or by following Google ads and content network privacy policy.


Thank you for reading and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at info@AlexaCourses.com.